Beckler Peak

Beckler Peak, Central Cascades | Hike the PNWDistance Roundtrip: 7.4 RT
Elevation Gain: 2263 ft.
Highest Elevation: 5063 ft.
Location: Central Cascades: Steven’s Lettering Medium: Watercolor

This weekend was beyond gorgeous. Spring arrived quite ahead of time this year but honestly this weekend even felt like summer. It was 68 degrees on our drive home! I could have hung out atop that mountain all day basking in the sun. But I digress …

As you can see it was completely worth it to get up early despite the time change. My friend Kristen and I headed out early Sunday morning to get to Beckler Peak. The trailhead is situated off Highway 2 on your way to Steven’s Pass. You turn off on a dirt forest road that’s currently in pretty good shape. It had its share of potholes but they were all really manageable (note: I was driving a high clearance vehicle, but I saw many sedans at the trailhead).

Beckler Peak | Hike the PNW Beckler Peak | Hike the PNW

We arrived to a half full parking lot. I imagine it was thanks to Daylight Savings because who could pass up hiking in this weather? We set off on the trail with what starts as an old logging road. It eventually turns into a real trail in the forest that gradually climbs up the mountain. The hike doesn’t have dramatic elevation gain (like Lake Serene, where you gain the elevation all at once). It’s actually quite gradual, allowing you to pace yourself all the way up.

Thanks to some WTA trail reviews we packed our microspikes and yaktraks (and are glad we did!). There was a thin layer of snow/ice on the last four switchbacks that traction was super helpful for. Poles would have been fine too. The extra traction made hiking a little more relaxing, especially on the way down.

Beckler Peak | Hike the PNW

After rounding the last switchback we came in sight with the summit. The summit itself is pretty small, and probably only fits half a dozen people or so. Luckily there was a group leaving upon our arrival so we settled into their prime location at the tippy top to eat our lunch and soak in the 360 degree view – which is amazing! The pictures really don’t do this place justice so I just encourage you to experience it in person. From the summit you can see Mt. Baring, Merchant Peak and Eagle Rock to the west, the Monte Cristo Peaks to the north and Glacier Peak to the northeast. Mt. Fernow can been seen to the east, and the peaks of the central Alpine Lakes, Mt. Daniel and Chimney Rock to the south. Enjoy the view!

Beckler Peak | Hike the PNW


  1. Kristen Lindell

    You did your studying on the peaks we were looking at!! There is no way I would even be able to remember all those names haha. Either way, so beautiful!

  2. GORGEOUS photos! We’ve been so spoiled in the PNW this winter/spring so far with beautiful hiking days. This hike looks beautiful! I’ll have to add it to my list. My WA list is growing like crazy thanks to WTA – I wish Oregon had something half as useful as WTA.

    • holly (Author)

      Thanks for your kind words Ashley! This early spring has been amazing right?! And I agree – I wish Oregon had a better WTA equivalent!!

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