Rattlesnake Ledge

Rattlesnake Ledge / Hike 01(Originally posted on Picas & Pixels here.)

I’m pleased to announce a new project called Hike the PNW. I try to go hiking throughout the year as well as other miscellaneous outdoor activities and decided it would be fun to document all the trails I venture to. The creative part you ask? It’s simple, I will create a logo for every hike I take, nothing fancy just something fun. I used to do a project on my old site, called “White Type” where I would explore new typefaces on imagery and this feels like a natural progression for the project. I hope you enjoy my adventures, small or grand as they may be! -Holly

Photo taken with my iPhone 5 on Rattlesnake Ledge trail. Follow along on other hikes through my instagram. (@hollydunning)

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