Little Si

Little Si / Hike the PNW
Fall arrived in the Pacific Northwest and I seemed to be so busy on the weekends I didn’t find time to hike in September or October. My fiance and I spent some time in Kauai over September (it’s amazing – you must go!). We had all these plans to take various hikes and even started a trailhead at the Waimea Canyon, but it seemed all we wanted to do was relax and snorkel on the beach. Having never truly taken a “relax” vacation, this concept was entirely foreign to me. I think I kind of liked it – which is surprising because usually all I want is go go go. BUT, the next time we find ourselves in Kauai we will find time to take advantage of some of their amazing trails! I promise.

In the meantime fast forward to November and our hiking options are starting to limit in the Seattle area due to the snow falling. There are still some low land hikes to be found – Issaquah/North Bend is especially nice this time of year because there are substantially fewer folks on the trails and the fog is actually quite pretty in my opinion. So on Sunday we ventured to Little Si for a relaxed climb in the forest. The weather was great, the parking lot not full and the fog even cleared for us to see Mt. Si!

Little Si // Hike the PNW

Little Si // Hike the PNWHiking trio-selfie. Dad, Sister, Me.Little Si // Hike the PNWLittle Si // Hike the PNWAnd lastly you can’t go hiking without having the dog roll in some other dogs … well you know what. Brandon graciously giving Shayla a nice fern bath.

Distance Roundtrip: 5 miles
Elevation Gain: 1200 ft
Family friendly: Yes

Lettering and photos by Holly Dunning. 

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