West Tiger 3

West Tiger 3 / Hike the PNW
A new year marks new trails and adventures. Last year was all about getting back into hiking after a hiatus in college and hiking trails I vaguely remember from childhood. This year I want to try even more new trails farther out of the city, longer distances and steeper. In 2013 I hiked a total of 12 trails (feels more like 25 if you ask me ;) and my goal for 2014 is to push that number. To start the year off a friend and I drove out to the West Tiger 3 Trail in Issaquah. It was a 100% chance of rain according to the weatherman but we lucked out without a drop and a pleasantly quiet trail.

At the top we ate lunch and noticed a growing population of birds watching over us. I decided to hold a cracker in my hand and see if they’d come and sure enough they did! You can see a video of it on Instagram. (Also I’m fairly positive it is not encouraged to feed the birds and apologize to anyone if I’ve offended you by doing so.)

Distance Roundtrip: 6.2 miles
Elevation Gain: 2100 ft
Family friendly: Yes

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